Verizon takes first place in customer satisfaction, T-Mobile lagging behind

According to the results of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Verizon Wireless has been named to have the most satisfied subscribers among the big four carriers.

The survey takes a number of factors into account, including network coverage, data speeds, diversity of plans, call clarity, dropped calls, the quality of a carrier’s website, and the helpfulness of in-store employee’s. Verizon excels in a lot of these areas, so it’s not particularly surprising that they reached the top.

Out of a possible score of 100, ASCI showed that Verizon is top dog on the ladder with a total of 73 points, a rise of three points from last year’s results. In second place is Sprint with a steady 71 points. Dragging a mere point behind Sprint, AT&T is in third place with 70 points. Finally, T-Mobile, the only carrier who saw a 1% decline in the ACSI results, sits in fourth place with 68 points.

Something to keep in mind is that this survey is extremely subjective. Every subscriber is going to have a very different experience, especially when it comes to network coverage, data speeds, and dealing with customer service representatives.

The index also reflects interviews with more than 70,000 customers, which is quite small. For instance, Verizon and AT&T alone serve 100+ million customers. Interviewing 70,000 for a survey isn’t really going to accurately tell you how well a carrier competes against the others.


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