BlackBerry Z10 accounting for 5.3% of North American BlackBerry traffic

BlackBerry Z10 is steadily getting into the hands of users and is now accounting for 5.3% of North American BlackBerry traffic, according to Chikita Insights. That may not sound a lot but when you put in perspective that’s a promising start for the struggling Canadian company. For instance, 65 days after the launch, iPhone 5 accounted for 12.1% of all iPhone traffic in North America. BlackBerry isn’t as nearly as popular as Apple’s smartphone, so I would say it’s a promising sign.

Pretty much everyone who tried out the Z10 found it cool to use and a giant step forward for BlackBerry. That, however, doesn’t mean it is still capable of competing against high-end Apple and Samsung products, but it will certainly find audience both among CrackBerry addicts and new users looking to switch platforms. We’ll keep you in the loop how BlackBerry is progressing and get back to you with new figures after the Q10 launches… Stay tuned in the meantime.


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