This Dock Turns Your iPhone Into a Bedside Lamp


The iPhone‘s Flashlight function eliminates the need for a standard flashlight — assuming of course, your phone has enough battery — and a London-based design team has now used that function to create a bedside lamp.

Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, the talent behind Raw Edges Design Studio, created a few simplistic stands that use the iPhone and its flash to create a makeshift lamp. They recently showcased their designs at the London Design Festival.

The designs incorporate materials like suction cups and rubber to create simple yet modern-looking stands. designboom released photos of the stands, which look easy enough to use. The team found clever ways to diffuse the iPhone’s flash through materials that resemble a stand and a lampshade.

One design uses a suction cup to latch the iPhone onto the stand. A simple, circular white container then floods the light from the phone onto its surroundings. You could conceivably place that stand on a tall stack of books to get enough light to read in bed. Another design looks like it can rock back and forth and also uses a white, circular component to spread the light — but this particular set-up does not appear as capable of illuminating far-away objects.

The team boasts a number of shows and some works belong to the collections of museums like the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. No word so far on if and when the stands will go on sale; asGizmodo reports, the designs are not yet in production.

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Image: Flickr, Gabriele B.


BONUS: 8 Best Speakers for iPhone


1. JBL Micro Wireless

The JBL Micro Wireless is an extremely portable speaker. Lightweight and compact, it’s small enough to fit into your pocket or clip onto your clothing. It also has a loop at the top for hanging or mounting.

The speaker is Bluetooth-enabled with audio jacks for non-Bluetooth devices. It boasts good output for its price, and you can also amp up the sound with multiple speakers by daisy-chaining JBL Micro Wireless speakers together. The speaker charges via USB cable.

Image: Flickr, scot2342.


2. Bose Soundlink Mini

The Soundlink Mini features a sleek and sturdy aluminum casing for durable portability. The speaker is Bluetooth-enabled and remembers the most recent six devices for fast connectivity. You’ll find an audio jack for non-Bluetooth devices; however, the Soundlink Mini does not have an integrated speakerphone. With up to seven hours of battery life, the speaker also plays while it charges on its dock. It falls a little on the steep side in terms of price, but the Soundlink Mini offers a good sound in return.

Image: Bose.

3. Beats by Dre Pill

The Pill is big on style and doesn’t skimp on sound, either. Other perks include tap-to-pair connectivity for NFC-enabled phones and pass-through audio with both audio in and audio out jacks. Not only does this allow you connect non-Bluetooth-enabled devices to the Pill, but you can also use the Pill as a middleman to receive Bluetooth-enabled devices, plus project through another speaker or home system by using the audio out port. The Pill also has speakerphone capabilities, a feature some of its counterparts lack.

Image: Beats by Dre.


4. Divoom Bluetune Solo

  • The Bluetune Solo is a great budget speaker with comparable sound for its low price. Additionally, the speaker offers richer bass frequencies than others its size, which is smaller than a can of soda and can actually fit inside cup holders. Six to eight hours of battery life also add to the easy portability. The Bluetune Solo has a mic and is speakerphone-enabled. Additionally, the Bluetune Solo also features an audio out port, so you can plug headphones or other sound systems into the speaker.

    Image: Divoom.


5. UE Boom
The UE Boom is another extremely portable speaker durable enough for outdoor use, with its water- and stain-resistant skin. The Boom’s compact size makes it easy to throw into your purse or clip onto your bag. It also boasts a 15-hour battery life, fairly long for a Bluetooth speaker, and has 360-degree sound. Additionally, you can daisy-chain two speakers and make a sound system with real stereo separation. Finally, the UE Boom also has speakerphone capabilities.

Image: Ultimate Ears.


6. Sony SRS-BTX500

While not as portable as some of the other speakers on this list, this Sony speaker’s rich sounds will fill a room, despite its rechargeable battery. The Bluetooth-enabled capability also includes tap-to-pair NFC pairing for enabled phones. You can also charge your phone by connecting it via the USB port, and the speaker includes an auxiliary input for other devices. The device is speakerphone-enabled.

Image: Sony.

7. Jawbone Jambox
The Jambox is an optimally portable speaker that also offers rich and balanced sound. It also features a sleek and minimalist design that is easy-to-use. The speaker has Bluetooth capabilities and is also speakerphone-enabled. Jawbone also has online apps that can also complement the Jambox. Furthermore, you can now make your own customized Jambox by choosing the colors of your “grill” and “caps.”
Image: Jawbone.

  • Beolit%252012

    8. B&O Play Beolit 12

    The Beolit 12, one of the products in Bang & Olufsen’s “budget” line B&O Play still comes with a hefty sticker price, which may be worth it if you’re willing to fork over around $800 for high-end sound and lifestyle design. The AirPlay-enabled speaker is portable with a sturdy handle, non-slip surface and built-in power supply. The speaker has an eight-hour battery life, or up to four to five hours when running AirPlay. It can also charge iOS devices as it plays them and features other ports for non-iOS devices.

    Image: Flickr, Yoshinari.


    From: Mashable