Galaxy S 4 Mini — plus new Samsung Windows phone and tablet — likely in June

An event on June 20 holds the promise of a load of new devices from Samsung, from variations on its Galaxy line of smartphones to upgraded tablets and laptops running various forms of Windows. Exactly what the company will reveal is a mystery, though — except for one they mistakenly outed a bit early.

The escaped device was the Galaxy S Mini, which showed up in the company’s app store for a brief time before being pulled down (but not before TG Spot caught it). In the leaked pictures, it looks much like the Galaxy S 4, but previous rumors gave it a 4.3-inch screen. That’s not perhaps truly “mini” by many standards, but it’s considerably smaller than the S4’s 5-inch one. It should also have more modest specs, but those details will have to wait for June — or another leak.

At least three other phones are rumored for announcement as well. There’s the Galaxy Active, a rugged, waterproof version of the S 4. There’s the Galaxy Zoom, said to be a camera-focused device with, true to its name, a real zoom lens on it. And it’s likely that there will be a new ATIV Windows Phone, although the name and specs are anyone’s guess.

On the Windows 8 side of things, some svelte laptops and tablets can be expected, likely based on the latest “Haswell” processors from Intel, which boast huge power savings. The photo in the invitation suggests a sliding and tilting form factor for one device at least, perhaps something along the lines of the attractive Asus R7.

We’ll know more come June 20, when the event takes place. Until then, fans of the latest and greatest Android and Windows gear may want to hang onto their wallets.