Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback Isn’t Happening

We’re only talking about the world’s biggest software company and the future of computers. So far, it’s still basically irrelevant.

To Microsoft’s credit, Windows 8 and Windows Phone seem like solid products. There are some Windows features I’d like to pluck for Apple’s iOS. And there are some places in the world — even big, relatively important places like India — where Windows Phone is doing better than it is here.

But the U.S. is crucial for Microsoft if it’s going to matter in mobile. And mattering in mobile still seems like something Microsoft had better do.

Meanwhile, comScore’s numbers continue to show very little U.S. interest in Windows Phone. It hasn’t tanked as bad as BlackBerry, but Windows Phone subscribers are barely growing. (At least they’re not still shrinking at the moment.)

Still, the momentum Microsoft needs isn’t here. And it doesn’t look like the Surface tablet is helping, either.