Retro Game iPhone 5 Case Challenges You to A Physical, Childhood Game

Our brains are officially damaged…by our smartphones.  Take a look around a restaurant, look for the table of one, and I guarantee that you’ll see that person playing on their smartphone for fear of sitting alone and starring aimlessly.  The calm mind is no more and it’s not healthy.

To ween yourself off your unhealthy smartphone obsession you’ll want one of these: the Retro Game Case from Pure Gear.  There are three iPhone 5 cases available, two of which are mazes similar to the stand alone pocket games you played with when you were a kid, provided your a child of the early 80s.  The third, Undecided as they call it, is something akin to a pinball machine.  But instead of scoring points it’s designed to help you make “yes” or “no” decisions.  The two other cases, Groovy and Amazing (above), are considerably more straight forward and use the same metal ball.

Each case is $29.99 and comes in a vibrant finish.  Truthfully, the cases might become a bit annoying after a while thanks to a metal ball rattling around nonstop.  But not for nothing, at least the cost of the case is beyond protection; you’re also scoring a physical game.