Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to come with better camera, release date unclear

The company has just launched two huge sized phablets in the market. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to come with better camera, but its release date is still unclear

Samsung’s forthcoming phablet Galaxy Note 3 is among the most talked about yet to be launched products. The phablet or the rather huge sized smartphone is expected to come in the next few months and because the handset is coming out merely months after Galaxy s4 launch people wonder as to what sorts of improvement the phablet will come with.

Right now Korean tech giant’s latest flagship handset is the highest selling handset and for people it is very hard to really expect any substantial improvement over what the Galaxy S4 has so early after its launch. But reports suggest that Samsung will launch a phablet that will not only substantially improved over everything in the Galaxy Note 2 tablet it will also be several notches better than Galaxy S4. Sammy has already sold more than 10 million units of the handset in less than a month since its market debut. The only aspect of the Galaxy Note 3 that may annoy phablet’s fans is its even larger size that may make its use as a smartphone very difficult. It is expected to come with 5.8 inch display compared to 5.5 inch display that Galaxy Note 2 has right now.

There is no denying the fact that the top smartphone manufacturer Samsung’s next offering will be the best in terms of technology and quality of the product. Besides coming with several great features including edge to edge display that will make the handset very enticing it will come with a camera that will have optical image stabilization technology. This feature will ensure that the photo quality of the phablet is far superior than anything we have seen in any Sammy product in the past.

There are reports implying the fact that the Note 3 will come with optical image stabilization (OIS) features as the company has been working really hard to make it possible. A latest report in etnews suggest that Sammy is working hard to put OIS feature in the phablet as it will help improve the pictures and videos taken with the phone’s main camera. OIS makes pictures and videos a lot better in many circumstances. When taking photos, OIS compensates for movements of the user’s hand. This is more necessary with slower shutter speeds, and testing in our labs has shown that OIS effectively produces clear, blur-free photos at shutter speeds as slow as 1/7.5 of second. However, the camera will rarely, if ever need to shoot at that speed, due to the new sensor’s ability to capture lowlight photos at faster shutter speeds up to 1/48 of a second.

The technology brings substantial improvements in video quality as well. For taking videos, one of the biggest challenges has always been capturing smooth footage. When holding the camera with bare hands, even small movements are quite noticeable. With the 2-axis OIS in operation, background shakes are effectively removed, resulting in videos that look smooth and steady, mimicking smooth panning used with professional video equipment. Gal;axy Note 3 without doubt will be a far better product than any Samsung product we have right now.