Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Have Flexible OLED Display

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 might be dominating the headlines at the moment, but in the background Samsung are quietly working on the Galaxy Note 3. The successor to the Galaxy Note 2 will land before the end of the year and fresh information has surfaced online.

Korean sources have suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 will feature an “unbreakable display”. Originally, we presumed this meant that it’ll include some super-strong glass , essentially an improved version of Gorilla Glass. However, it’s also possible that the Galaxy Note 3 will include flexible display technology. 

Samsung showcased their new flexible display technology Samsung Youm (pictured above) in January and it could debut on the Galaxy Note 3. Flexible OLED technology would be incredibly light, thin and durable and would definitely qualify as “unbreakable”.

A flexible display can wrap around a device, while it will also open up the possibility for folding displays. This would enable a device to have a huge touch-screen display and still be small enough to carry around in your pocket, which is a truly staggering prospect !

Previously, we reported that the Note 3 would have a huge 6.3 inch display running at 1920*1080 pixels and would be powered by Samsung’s new Exynos 5 processor. It’s also expected to include Samsung’s new “Smart-Scroll” and “Smart-Pause” eye-tracking technology.

As soon as 3G hear more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 we’ll be sure to let you know !