Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Variant Release Date Probably June

A couple of days ago, a document was posted, revealing not only the next Galaxy S4 Zoom model number, but also putting a high accent on its camera specifications. The document seems to be outed from a Bluetooth special interest group and makes the new smartphone stand out by its new zoom feature of the camera. The tech geek, Unwired says that this device is probably going to be released at the beginning of June.

After this, we have reasons to believe that the much chattered Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is going to turn into reality at some point in the future.

So, according to the document that belongs to this special interest group a new Samsung device wearing the model number SM- C101 is believed to be by specialists in the domain such as Unwired,  a new version of Samsung’s flagship device  which is supposed to be smaller and to come with incorporated optical zoom lens of 16 MP. They also believe this to be the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

When it comes to smartphones, the feature that has the biggest importance at this moment seems to be the camera and its specifications. As we know the Nokia company put a lot of marketing tools into promoting their PureView camera of the Nokia Lumia 920, claiming that this technology is able to take superior pictures in low light. And, we know that HTC replaced their known megapixel game with the 4 MP camera and larger sensors, all included in the name Ultrapixel. Not to mention that Apple wanted to be a part of this match, claiming recently through some adds that there are more photos taken with the iPhone’s camera than with any other smartphone.

From this point of view, incorporating optical zoom lens in a smartphone seems pretty logic. However, no matter what you use in the camera technology it cannot replace or outmatch a digital SLR or a simple camera.

The Samsung company is able to use this kind of technology in their smartphones, as they also manufacture and merchandise standout cameras. And, in the meantime, we can state that the rumored device Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, is just one of the many smartphone products the company chose to create in order to increase the appeal of their lineup.

So far, Samsung didn’t make any statement related to these reports and allegations.