Samsung Nabs 30 Percent of Global Smartphone Market

Three out of 10 smartphones around the world are built by Samsung, DRAMeXchange says.

According to recent data revealed by DRAMeXchange, a division of global research firm TrendForce, smartphone shipments jumped 9.4 percent sequentially to 216.4 million units during the first quarter of 2013. Despite seasonality, smartphone shipments have climbed every quarter since the beginning of 2012, DRAMeXchange says, and no company should be happier than Samsung.

Samsung is expected to ship 65 million smartphones this quarter, which would account for 30 percent of the global market. The company’s Galaxy S III phone has proven especially popular, and its upcoming S4 will likely draw a large audience, though HTC plans to give the Android device maker a run with its One device.

With regards to Apple, DRAMeXchange says “the iPhone 5 has been unable to satisfy consumers’ desire for innovation, and shipments were unsatisfactory as Android manufacturers stepped up to the plate.” Apple’s iPhone 5 sales came to 37.5 million for the first quarter, which translates into a 17.3 percent share of the market, or barely more than half of Samsung’s share.

“As for the second quarter, although smartphone shipments will continue to grow, manufacturers are facing problems with component supply; for instance, the shortage of memory products like eMCP,” DRAMeXchange explains.

According to DRAMeXchange, companies with strong supplier ties will have an advantage heading into the next quarter, while others will have to deal with shortages.


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