Sony to revive Cyber-shot and Walkman brands with new Xperia smartphones

In its bid to become the third-largest smartphone vendor in the world, Sony severed ties with Ericsson and then launched a number of smartphones that have made Sony a fan favourite once again.

Phones such as the Xperia S and, most recently, the Xperia Z have brought back some of the sheen that the Japanese company lost in the wake of Samsung and Apple’s domination. The slim waterproof Xperia Z is fast becoming the flavour of the season, but Sony is not resting on the success of that handset.

Phone Arena reports that CEO Kazuo Hirai has been leading the efforts in one of his pet projects that will bring back the Cyber-shot and Walkman branding to Sony’s phones.

This project is part of the much-talked about One Sony umbrella. Of course, as with all rumours, there’s no official confirmation from the company, so we would advise the usual pinch of salt to go with this one too.

The Cyber-shot brand has been a fan favourite since Sony Ericsson’s K-series of phones. The Xperia Cyber-shot smartphone will allegedly feature a 5-inch display, but it is the camera that will be the talk of town. Sony is reportedly working on a sensor that could match the Nokia 808 PureView in terms of image quality and low-light capability. We have our fingers crossed for a xenon flash, which had been a standard offering on many Cyber-shot phones in the past. Despite packing in a huge sensor, the new Cyber-shot phone (Xperia K, maybe?) will still boast a slim profile.

As for the Xperia Walkman smartphone, it will also come with a 5-inch display, which seems to be Sony’s go-to choice for a quality screen. The resolution of the display has not been revealed, though we wouldn’t rule out full HD branding. The phone is expected to come with an integrated amplifier chip along with premium audio-enhancing software and accessories.

The third phone under the One Sony project will be a direct iPhone competitor, with Sony packing in a high-resolution display in a small form factor a la Apple. The small display notwithstanding, the phone will come with Cyber-shot branding, so expect top-of-the-line optics.

This latest speculation comes on the back of rumour that four more Sony smartphones will be unveiled later this year. The Xperia A, UL and Togari smartphones have popped up on the rumour mill, along with alleged specs. The Togari is an especially interesting device as it will be the first foray by Sony into the phablet segment. The smartphone will allegedly have a 6.44-inch display with full HD resolution.