Verizon sold 4M iPhones in Q1

Verizon just posted their first quarter 2013 financial results, and during the conference call their chief financial officer announced that 4 million iPhones had been sold in the quarter, 2 million of which were iPhone 5. That’s a pretty significant number, considering Verizon activated 7.2 million devices the whole quarter, making iPhone accountable for over 55%. CEO Lowell McAdam commented on Verizon”s progress this quarter:

Verizon is off to an excellent start in 2013. Our strategic investments in wireless, wireline and global networks have given us the platforms to sustain momentum and take advantage of growth opportunities in key markets for broadband, video and cloud services. With ongoing improvements in operating efficiency, we expect continued growth in free cash flow and earnings as we move through the year.

This wasn’t a launch or holiday quarter, traditionally the strongest of the year, so factor that into any armchair analysis that gets bandied about today.

Previous quarters have followed a similar trend: in Q4 2012 6.2 out of the 9.8 million handsets sold were iPhones, 3.1 million iPhones in Q3, and 2.7 million in Q2.

So while media and market makers keep claiming Apple’s doomed and the iPhone is failing, it looks like customers and real sales numbers are once again proving them wrong.

Were you one of those new Verizon iPhone activations? If so, how’s the iPhone and Verizon’s service working for you?

Source: Verizon